State Senate maps could give Dems an edge

The state's redistricting commission has settled on a new map for state senate districts - one that could give Democrats control of the chamber.

Democrats could have an edge in 20 of 38 state senate seats under draft voting maps approved Friday by the state’s redistricting commission. That’s according to the commission’s own analysis that compared the new map to the past 13 elections.

Such an outcome would flip control of the state senate next year and could have an unpredictable impact on Michigan politics.

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The new state senate map is the first draft voting map to be approved by the first-of-its-kind citizens redistricting commission. The panel still has to determine state house and U.S. congressional districts.

Experts say the new state senate districts would be the most competitive in decades – coming after a long history of gerrymandered voting districts approved by whichever political party held power when they were drawn.

You can explore the new map and comment on it here.

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