COVID Update: Cases down 25%

The number of new cases of COVID-19 fell 25% over the past week, suggesting the spring surge of the virus is truly over. But the data is less cheery in Kalamazoo County.

Michigan: New cases of COVID-19 dropped 25% over the past week. It’s a sign that the spring surge of the virus is ending in Michigan just in time for summer vacations.

State health officials reported 19,535 new cases of the coronavirus between last Wednesday and yesterday. That brought the seven day average down to 2,791 new cases per day and marked the second week in a row that average has fallen.

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In even more positive news, the state’s COVID death rate has dropped pretty significantly. Last week, the state was reporting nearly 20 deaths per day. This week, the number fell to 7.14 deaths per day. The state counted just 50 deaths over the past week, less than half the previous week’s total. Death numbers had been climbing steadily for nearly a month in the wake of rising infection rates. The latest average is the lowest it’s been in nearly ten months.

Meanwhile, COVID hospitalizations continued to decline over the past week, though the decline is very slow. The state reported that 1,068 people with COVID-19 were being treated in hospitals in the state on Wednesday. That’s four fewer than last week.

Kalamazoo County: Things aren't quite as rosy in Kalamazoo County, though infection rates are still declining. Officials reported 504 new cases of the coronavirus over the past week — a drop of less than 10%. That brought the seven day average down to 72 new cases per day. That's compared to nearly 80 new cases per day a week earlier.

COVID deaths declined slightly, with just one person succumbing to the disease in the past week in Kalamazoo County. There were two deaths the previous week.

And hospitalizations haven't budged much in the past couple weeks. The area's two hospitals counted a total of 21 people with COVID-19 on Wednesday. That's exactly what it was two weeks ago and an increase from the number of patients that was counted a month ago.

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