COVID Update: Cases down, but deaths up

The number of new COVID-19 cases dropped 15% over the past week. But deaths increased slightly, especially in Kalamazoo County.

Kalamazoo County: Deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 rose for the first time in weeks, even as the rate of new infections declined.

Health officials reported 428 new cases of the coronavirus over the past week. That’s a small decline over last week’s number. The daily average dropped by about three to 61.1 new cases per day.

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But at the same time, deaths ticked upwards slightly for the first time in at least a month. The county reported three people as having died from the coronavirus in the past week. That’s still a low number, especially compared to previous periods when the virus was surging throughout the state.

More worrisome is an increase in people with COVID-19 being hospitalized in the county. On Monday, the county’s two hospitals reported they were caring for 34 patients with COVID-19 diagnoses. That’s a more than 60% increase over the previous recent data from two weeks ago. However, both hospitals report they are operating at less than 90% capacity, which is good news for patients seeking care.

Michigan: The rest of the state is also experiencing a slight decline in COVID-19 loads.

State health officials reported 15,578 new cases of the coronavirus over the past week. That pushed the seven day average down to 2,225 new cases per day — a decline of more than 400 infections per day.

While that was happening, the daily death toll rose slightly. The state reported 137 people died from COVID-19 over the past week, pushing the seven day average up to 19.6 deaths per day.

Unlike Kalamazoo County, hospitalizations declined statewide. Hospitals in the state reported they were caring for 855 patients with COVID-19 on Wednesday. That's down 84 from last week.

Overall, COVID stats seem to be flat as Michigan enters what is expected to be a slow summer for COVID infections.

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