COVID Update: Everything is flat

New infection numbers were flat over the past week in Kalamazoo County and Michigan. At the same time, experts say the BA.5 subvariant is spreading fast and continues to make itself known.

COVID-19 stats were almost perfectly flat throughout the state and Kalamazoo County over the past week. That’s after both areas saw dramatic increases in case numbers over the previous week.

Epidemiologists continue to sound alarm bells over the BA.5 subvariant. That version of COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly throughout the state, supplanting other versions of the virus. BA.5 is much more transmissible than other variants of the virus and seems to have the ability to reinfect people very quickly.

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Kalamazoo County: The incidences of new infections of COVID-19 in Kalamazoo County were flat over the past week. Health officials reported 490 new cases of the coronavirus since last Tuesday. That pushed the average down slightly to 70 new cases per day.

The county also reported four new deaths from the virus. That’s exactly the same number as the week before.

Michigan: Stats were similarly flat in the rest of Michigan.

State health officials reported 16,445 new cases of COVID-19 since Tuesday of last week. That put the average at 2,349 new cases per day – 34 short of last week's number. For comparison, during the previous week the average jumped by more than 500 new cases per day.

The state also reported that 149 people had died with the coronavirus over the past week. That pushed the daily average down by almost two to 21.29 deaths per day.

Hospitalizations have gone down, though not by much. As of Monday, hospitals in the state reported they were caring for 904 patients with COVID-19. That's eight fewer than a week earlier.

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