Authoritative data

Get your COVID-19 data, healthcare, and regulatory updates from the primary source – from the organization coordinating the global fight to the local health officials tasked with keeping our community safe. To suggest additional sources or if you represent a primary source and want to submit, email

The Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department is the lead local government entity. It provides COVID-19 test result updates daily at noon here.

Following a declaration of a state of emergency by the State of Michigan on March 10, it launched a central website where county-by-county test results, healthcare updates, executive and emergency orders, and other statewide actions are published.

The nationwide pandemic crisis is being tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state-by-state case data as well as related healthcare research is updated via its COVID-19 updates website.

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine has a massively-sourced Coronavirus Resource Center with FAQs, health protection advice, and LOTS of data about the virus. We’re linking to it here.

The most detailed, comprehensive data and information about the global pandemic is being provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). Its director general has provided almost daily briefings since early January, summarizing the latest data and research, issuing stark warnings as well as useful instructions on how individual countries can fight COVID-19 within their own borders. Those briefings, data, and resources are all accessed through this portal.

Global Tracking: understand the magnitude of the pandemic with WHO’s interactive global map of COVID-19 cases here.