Category: Entrepreneurs

Several kids running around and playing outside

May 26, 2022

Kalamazoo nonprofit Steps to Victory focuses on teaching autonomy while reducing the summer lag that can impact the next year for crucial elementary school grades.

Raphael Thurin and Trent Friske stand in a room full of marijuana plants

May 10, 2022

The only Black- and Indigenous-owned marijuana business in Kalamazoo is targeting another 400 pounds a month when their expansion is completed. But Ahki Canna is an outlier in an industry dominated by the white and wealthy.

a red, wooden school house after total renovation

April 20, 2022

After an extensive restoration and a pandemic break, classes (and more) resume at the 143-year-old school house on a Cooper Township corner.

DeMargeo White stands behind a table with several slices of his cheesecake arranged on top

March 10, 2022

Local cheesecake maker Huey D’s Goodies started cooking for mom and continues to be inspired by family.

donovan mcvey and joshua gray stand in front of a white board covered in scribbles

February 22, 2022

Room 35 has created a consultancy for other entrepreneurs with a focus on leveraging Kalamazoo’s massive networks for undercapitalized ideas and ambitious small businesses.

Joy Morris-Burton performs a dance move in front of a giant mirror in her dance studio

February 18, 2022

The owners of new dance studio concept Move With Joy in the Edison neighborhood hope it improves mental health and career options for others, too.

Becky Bil holds a large bag of popcorn

January 31, 2022

A survey of shops in Kalamazoo’s downtown business district finds entrepreneurs in various industries keep their doors open by taking the pandemic in stride.

doreen gardner pouring peanut brittle into a pan

January 5, 2022

Doreen Gardner quit her job of 15 years at her church and is turning her family’s peanut brittle recipe into a family business.

Teresa Baker sits at a desk

December 17, 2021

Local independent book and notebook company is finding success in passing on lessons in empathy and entrepreneurship to kids.

kathy beebe stands behind a counter at caffe casa

December 15, 2021

The pandemic is no match for Caffe Casa and the couple who have served customers in the same Kalamazoo Mall location for nearly three decades.