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A man in a white coat inserts a cotton swab into a woman's nose.

Already more susceptible to infection, minority communities don’t have easy access to testing centers. Neither do rural areas.

a sign that reads "Lakeside for Children - Home of Lakeside Academy"

The Kalamazoo death was the first, though hundreds of children were injured over the past year from the physical restraint, which will be banned in state-licensed facilities for kids.

Given added poignancy following the death of George Floyd, this year’s Juneteenth celebration will be held in several different ways.

A theater company used the pandemic’s stay-home time to explore ways to modernize the craft. Then George Floyd was killed.

A crowd of people stands in front of an outdoor stage where people are speaking

Racial and economic inequality allowed COVID-19 to have an outsize effect on minority communities.

Access to funding may be an issue, as well as reluctance to take on debt in the middle of a crisis.

Understanding “why” is just as important as the data itself.

Pandemic exposes ongoing legacy of historic racism.