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Nabe Shin stands with her arms outstretched, showing off her wares at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market. In front of her are various plants with signs saying what they are, including: fiddle heads, Japanese knotweed, mushrooms, and wild ramp.

Nabe Shin, a staple at the Farmer’s Market and a forager for decades, on the life lessons and other sustenance found in a walk in the woods.

A man with a mustache stands behind a red grill where chestnuts and ears of corn are being roasted.

Our food writer and food historian’s trip to find ancient baklava recipes in southern Turkey gets canceled due to an earthquake. So, Chef Channon Mondoux makes the best of her time “stuck” in Istanbul.

A large, round pan is filled with baklava, cut into diamond shapes that makes a larger star pattern in the pan.

NowKalamazoo’s Channon Mondoux is also a chef and food historian. This dispatch is from Istanbul, where she was recently continuing her research into the origins of baklava.

A plate of egusi stew and fufu

Isa Clark spent many hours in the kitchen growing up in the Niger Delta region, helping feed an extended family and a steady stream of visitors. Now it’s the Kalamazoo community’s time to feast.

the storefront of glofoods featuring a green-and-white sign

Kalamazoo County’s first all-vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free restaurant opens in Portage.

Matt Searles wrapping a chicken sandwich in a paper wrapper.

Rollup Ice Cream’s unique treats drew crowds in Kalamazoo and Portage stores, but the chicken sandwich is giving wings to the local parlor’s expansion to Missouri.

a plate of various vegan foods

Menu options are expanding, a new all-vegan restaurant is soon to open, and a day-long festival at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market are expanding the horizons for area foodies.

Jerrell McKinney stands next to a sign that reads "House of Soul and Sea Food LLC - black owned"

With inspired recipes and a rotating menu of meats and sides, the new House of Soul and Seafood by Chef Jarrell McKinney gets a crowd even before the doors formally open.

dani kitchen stands next to a prep table in her own kitchen

A Portage chef trained in both nutrition and culinary arts packs flavor for all sorts of dietary needs into a unique meal prep business.

cravings deli owners anson and xin liu

Cravings Deli, the aptly-named eatery inside pan-Asian specialty grocer Pacific Rim, still leans into its unique dishes made by mom to expand the community’s food culture.