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a baby breastfeeding from her mother

A sudden lack of baby formula can be another mental health stressor for parents at a time of intense pressure. Formula can be a nutritional life saver, but its prominence has come at the expense of unrivaled mother nature’s milk.

a screenshot from a Fox News segment with Commissioner Chris Praedel sitting at a city commission meeting

Chris Praedel and the rest of the Kalamazoo City Commission stopped public urination from going on someone’s criminal record. But because he used the term “equity” to explain his vote, a Fox News host featured him on his show, and fans from around the country bombarded Praedel with angry messages.

a flyer reading "KGOP Women's Luncheon to Feature Summit on Election Integrity"

The Kalamazoo GOP is using 2020 election misinformation to rally election inspectors for upcoming votes.

a screen capture of a Kalamazoo County Commission virutal meeting

A resolution before the county board to end protection for K-6 graders contains numerous inaccuracies about the efficacy of masks and vaccines.

a sign in a window reads "mask required for entry"

A major study shows that masks lower infection rates, but some masks are better than others.

A truck flying a "Trump 2020" flag

Following a GOP report disproving election fraud claims, state officials plan to go after those profiting from misinformation.

a sign reads "Off with their heads. Stop the steal."

A new report shows that right-wing efforts to throw the presidential election into doubt began months before the election and led directly to the insurrection.

Michigan Republican Party leader posed for pictures with Proud Boys at a November Lansing rally, one of many she attended in Michigan and Washington claiming election stolen from Donald Trump.

Jamie Swafford with Proud Boys member Jeremiah Bannister

Jamie Swafford, a former Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Deputy, believed the presidential election was stolen by Democrats and took pictures with Proud Boys at rallies.

the kalamazoo institute of arts

Economists in Kalamazoo reject the notion highlighted in an article yesterday that the Kalamazoo region suffers from a loss of educated residents.