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Two people stand in the snow in the middle of a homeless encampment.

NowKalamazoo’s Kristie May helped conduct a nighttime count of anyone sleeping outdoors within Kalamazoo County. Here’s what she learned.

jon foster walking through the snow

Jon Foster’s drive to get out and stay out – of jail and homelessness – is slowed down by the realities of trudging through an inefficient system.

jon foster in front of a microphone

Finding himself at the bottom, Jon Foster documents his new start from here in Kalamazoo’s system for the unhoused.

jon foster sits across a desk from a social worker

When Kalamazoo city officials broke up encampments, they told people to seek help at the Gospel Mission and Ministry With Community. From there, the search for assistance continues in a poorly organized system.

an illustration of the inside of a modpod shelter with two beds and shelves

Local group to invest in 50 pod shelters for unhoused people in Kalamazoo.

a screenshot of Kalamazoo city commissioners in a virtual meeting

Kzoo residents are irate over the clearing of homeless encampments. City leaders say they had little choice.

a portrait of Laura Lam

The Kalamazoo city official who runs point on the homelessness crisis discusses encampment policies, strategies, and the solutions they are hoping to implement.

a truck pulls a camper out of the mud

City leaders say solution to encampment problems is on the horizon, but proposal is months away.

police tape stretched across a field

Oct. 8 incident comes two days after city of Kalamazoo instructed police to physically remove 100+ unhoused people from year-and-a-half-old encampment.

police officers stand in front of wire fencing and caution tape around a homeless encampment

Police forcibly removed people from the Ampersee encampment last week. Homeless advocates scrambled to help.