Category: Unhoused

police officers stand in front of wire fencing and caution tape around a homeless encampment

Residents were given 5 minutes to grab their things and go.

a handmade sign reads "Where will they go"

Workers blocked off the encampment by the river and hauled away portable toilets, but residents will be given more time to move.

a homeless encampment

City officials plan to shut down the long-running Ampersee encampment, but protestors ask “Where will they go?”

a man stands behind a rental truck with some furniture unloaded behind him

Money is available for those who need help with housing. Meanwhile, feds have extended eviction ban until October.

a map showing the Ampersee Encampment

Homeless advocates say the encampment has grown as people flock from other areas of the city.

a homeless person's tent set up on a city sidewalk

A Kalamazoo hotel will continue to shelter the unhoused for at least the next two months.

Illustration of what the LodgeHouse will look like

A group is raising money to renovate an old Kalamazoo hotel into housing for the unhoused.

a homeless encampment

Housing advocates are promoting housing-first models for getting homeless people into shelters fast.

a homeless encampment

County agencies are moving people from tent camps into hotel rooms.

The sign for the former Lakeside Academy

Kalamazoo County bid on the former Lakeside Academy, but lost. Now the county is considering eminent domain to turn it into a shelter.