Sherri Brantley stands on the porch of her former restaurant/home in Kalamazoo's Vine Neighborhood

An unconventional chef and restaurateur had a dream of serving meals and her community. When the banks and management company sitting on a vacant property refused to respond to her attempts to buy or lease, she set up shop anyway.

a group of men fighting in the street in downtown Kalamazoo, some of them waving U.S. flags

A consultant hired by the city of Kalamazoo didn’t just recommend 40 policy changes, it also suggested better communication to the community and a police department more receptive to critique – two ways to avoid a repeat of the summer of 2020.

officers on bicycles block a road while two others question a protestor

A consultant recommended dozens of changes to Kalamazoo city administration and police policies following the controversial summer of 2020 protests. Over a year later, a quarter of them have yet to be fully completed.

a plate of various vegan foods

Menu options are expanding, a new all-vegan restaurant is soon to open, and a day-long festival at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market are expanding the horizons for area foodies.

chart showing average COVID-19 infections in Kalamazoo County since March 2020

COVID rates are flat. So are deaths and hospitalizations. Is this the NEW new normal?

Churu Yun speaks into a microphone to a group of people sitting in chairs

An education-to-employment infrastructure has brought businesses, kept workers, and made Kalamazoo a national hub for industrial design and related jobs.

chart showing average COVID-19 infections in Kalamazoo County since March 2020

The number of new COVID-19 infections in Michigan jumped over the past week, but some of the increase may be due to Labor Day holiday backlogs the week before. Also, COVID is still a top-three killer in Michigan.

a baby breastfeeding from her mother

A sudden lack of baby formula can be another mental health stressor for parents at a time of intense pressure. Formula can be a nutritional life saver, but its prominence has come at the expense of unrivaled mother nature’s milk.

a woman sitting against a wall with her hands over her face looking stressed out

The pandemic has increased the already large need for mental health services. The system hasn’t kept up, putting more pressure on those on the frontlines.

chart showing average COVID-19 infections in Kalamazoo County since March 2020

Some of the declines in new COVID-19 infections could be due to the holiday weekend. At the same time, hospitalizations have reached a six month high.