Sponsors: go beyond brand recognition

Exclusive: We promote only one sponsor at a time on each platform — you’re not competing with anyone else for attention.

Smart Marketing: Your company or organization is known as a supporter of a community service and local small business.

Here’s how it works: No noisy banner ads or interrupting our readers. Our unique sponsor recognition and messaging format integrates seamlessly with consumption habits and engages them on their terms.

Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Placement

NowKalamazoo currently offers sponsorship announcements in three ways: on our website, in our emails, and on social media.

Embedded in all of our stories: As a reader begins our story, the next line they read is yours. Your call to action leads them to you. Your message and call to action for our readers is displayed high within the text of every news story on our website. Hyperlink to your website or a special page on NowKalamazoo.com. NowKalamazoo publishes a minimum of 15 stories per week.

Featured in the daily newsletter: Sponsor’s messaging and brand is displayed with the same format as the regular story content of our morning newsletter. NowKalamazoo’s morning newsletter is emailed at least five times per week.

Promoted on social media: Each day, your brand, messaging, or call to action is promoted to our followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sponsorship Rates

NowKalamazoo offers sponsorship packages and à la carte rates.


Your sponsorship announcement is published with every news story on our website, for five days in our email newsletter, and once per day on each of our social media outlets.

  • 1 week: $1,350
  • 2 weeks: $2,600
  • 3 weeks: $3,750 (Minimum 105 different audience interactions)

À la carte

Your sponsorship announcement is published through one of our media channels: Website, Newsletter, or Social Media.

  • 1 week: $600
  • 2 weeks: $1,100
  • 3 weeks: $1,500

Contact NowKalamazoo’s Publisher Ben Lando for all sponsorship inquiries.

Neighborly Donation

Not interested in a sponsorship announcement, but still want to support independent, local news? You can donate anytime through our partnership with the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo. Click Here to make a quick and secure tax-deductible gift by credit card.

Our Audience

  • Our readers live or work in Kalamazoo County.
  • Our readers care about their community and believe in civic engagement.
  • Readers who trust what we provide is beneficial to their lives.

As a start-up news organization, we are building up our analytical dataset and will provide it once our audience benchmarking is complete.

Transparency is Important

NowKalamazoo is trusted and independent. We are a non-partisan news organization. We do not produce editorials or support any candidate or party, and we do not sell political advertising. We also will not sell advertising that spreads falsehoods, mis-information or dis-information. Lastly, we do not sell any of our customer’s information.