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NowKalamazoo is local journalism from the community – for everyone who lives, works and plays in Kalamazoo County.

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When you become a sponsor of NowKalamazoo you are supporting a non-profit information resource that benefits the community. We publicly thank our sponsors and tell our loyal and engaged readers about you.

Our readers:

  • Care about the community – and care about independent local news.
  • Turn to NowKalamazoo for a reason – and sponsoring NowKalamazoo puts your message in front of that dedicated audience.

Sponsorship location and messaging samples:

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Contact NowKalamazoo’s Publisher Ben Lando for all inquiries.

Here’s how it works. No noisy banner ads or interrupting our readers. Financial supporters are recognized in our daily email newsletter, on our website, and via social media.

We thank you for your support by name and description, and tell readers where to find out more about you – which inherently leads to corporate/institutional positioning, and brand loyalty and awareness.

Our unique sponsor messaging format will reflect the same quality and tone of our news content, and integrate seamlessly with reader consumption habits that engages them on their terms.

Why support NowKalamazoo?

  • Increase civic engagement and improve public policymaking.
  • Enhance the local economy.
  • Combat local misinformation and disinformation.
  • Associate yourself and your company with the high standards, ideals, and mission of independent local journalism.
  • Our community deserves and benefits from a local journalistic pillar that is fully committed as both watchdog and cheerleader.
  • Our journalism is free for the community to read – but it costs to produce it.

NowKalamazoo can help sponsors craft their message, keeping within legal requirements and our in-house guidelines. Sponsorship messages are around 30 words along with the sponsor’s logo and may:

  • Describe your business or organization.
  • Identify facilities, services, products, or product lines (no more than a total of three mentions per announcements).
  • Describe your corporate mission.
  • Inform the public of events you sponsor.
  • Include a corporate slogan, so long as it is not flagrantly promotional.
  • Include a website, phone number, and street address of your business.
  • Indicate the number of years you have been in business.
  • Include the name of a nonprofit organization you support, though it must be clear that you are providing the funding for the announcement.

Our Audience

As a start-up news organization, we are building up our analytical dataset and will make it available once our audience benchmarking is complete. Our readers:

  • Have a 60% open rate and nearly 30% unique clicks rate for our daily newsletter.
  • Live or work in Kalamazoo County.
  • Care about their community and believe in civic engagement.
  • Readers who trust what we provide is beneficial to their lives.

Transparency is Important

NowKalamazoo is trusted and independent. We are a non-partisan news organization. We do not produce editorials or support any candidate or party, and we do not accept sponsorship or underwriting from political parties, candidates, campaigns, or affiliated entities such as political action committees, etc. We do not permit sponsor’s messages to include falsehoods, mis-information or dis-information. Lastly, we do not sell any of our readers’ or sponsors’ information.