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two women in face masks look at each other in a beauty salon

August 13, 2021

Health officials say they’re hoping to head off a fourth wave of the pandemic.

a sign on a restaurant door says "to-go orders only"

June 24, 2021

A survey of Michigan businesses shows most survived the pandemic.

Signs in windows encourage mask wearing and social distancing

June 23, 2021

Some businesses are still requiring masks even though the state has done away with the mandate.

a woman in a face mask and face shield behind the counter at a restaurant

May 20, 2021

Though Michigan allows vaccinated people to go maskless, business owners are left to fend for themselves in enforcing them.

a help wanted sign in a restaurant window

May 3, 2021

Health concerns and harsh work environments are leading many businesses to suffer staffing shortages.

the front entrance of Taco Bob's restaurant in downtown Kalamazoo

December 11, 2020

The governor is putting off collecting business taxes from restaurants and other small businesses in a move meant to provide some relief during COVID restrictions.

a closed sign on the front door of a bar

December 1, 2020

The money is meant to help businesses hurt by the COVID pandemic. Those breaking COVID rules will be left out.

the parking lot of a gym

November 19, 2020

State safety ambassadors plan to “blanket the state” to advise businesses about COVID rules.

a sign of a woman pointing reads "Auntie Judy wants you to wash your hands. Fight the virus!"

September 18, 2020

Fines total more than $50K for failing to protect employees from the coronavirus.

a crowded restaurant where some people are wearing face masks

September 9, 2020

State officials want to send workers into high-risk workplaces to help them adhere to the state’s COVID-19 regulations.